The elements that I seek when taking a photograph are light, form and mystery. I want my images to hold the viewer in an embrace where they linger, question, and imagine.

I am drawn to the intrinsic beauty of light, how it creates shadow and accents darkness; the natural grace and power of water, the earth, and the human form.

The process of creativity is intriguing to me… The way we gather ideas in our unconscious, where it becomes a storehouse of everything we know including things we cannot readily recall into awareness. The creative unconscious speaks to us in ways that go beyond words rooted in the deepest imagery of the senses. 

I am presently exploring the landscape of the sensuous. A seed is planted. It grows into an organic being which we hope to nurture. As humans we long for a connection of our truest self to another. My new work explores this longing. The images emphasize the relationship between our deepest desires and the quest to nourish our souls.