Painter Georgia O’Keefe has said that “to see takes time.” Photographer Jett Ulaner Sarachek uses the simplest camera and long time exposures….but the bigger investment is the exploration of the scene that occurs before the shot is taken. Sarachek likes the physical participation, the sense of intimacy created by such a close interaction….

Through the use of long exposures, movement becomes spiritual.”

C.J. King, Manchester Journal

Manchester VT July,1999

“Like a steam kettle and a stew, the smell of creation was fertile….small and larger bodies of work appeared and were assimilated…Her work has a maturity and an undulating emotional precision. It is as if it were the touch of silence, and through it the feel of life itself.”

Larry Fink, Martins Creek, 2002

“While all photographs fix a particular moment in time, Ulaner Sarachek’s photographs fix intently the memory and the emotion of each moment that she photographs…She has done so in such a way as to reveal a deep sense of beauty even within sadness and pain.”

Helene Ryesky. Art Matters,

Philadelphia, PA, September 2000

“Jett Ulaner Sarachek takes dreamy, fairly exotic bodypart landscapes with a pinhole camera and elegant, hungry still life/landscapes with a quirky camera.”

Geoff Gehman, The Morning Call

Allentown, PA April 29, 2001

“I like Jett’s pinhole work the best, because it has a kind of physical quietness which allows the viewer to walk into a sensual time capsule and find the beauty alone or to share the beauty that Jett sees.”

Larry Fink as told to Ken Endick

The ExpressTimes , Easton PA, February 19 1999


Water has been a kind of muse for photographer Jett Ulaner Sarachek. On the rocky, secluded beaches of the small island of Vieques, at swimming pools, she has captured moments of luminous calm, mystery…..Liquid becomes satin light, and the air is charged. Sarachek brings a patient presence to this process, which yields images with an exquisite, visceral sense of atmosphere.”

Miriam Seidel curator, The Opens Lens Gallery

The Gershman Y, Philadelphia, PA, May 2005

“She brings an open mind and a clear eye to every new experience. Her eagerness to experiment communicates a joy in life’s unpredictability. For all its mystery and illusion, her work is never cluttered with false pretensions but rather, is refreshingly simple and forthright on an emotional level

Amanda Kniepkamp,

Lehigh Valley Magazine, January/February, 2004

The whole show somehow conjures that line from Bob Dylan's extra-terrestrial song ''Visions of Johanna'': ''the ghost of 'lectricity howls in the bones of her face.''

Geoff Gehman

The Morning Call, July 13, 2008

“Jett Sarachek is a photographer who continues to challenge us as she makes and uses images that explore the depths of our collective memory.”

Artist Profile, Luke Wynn

The Easton irregular, January 2014

“Jett Ulaner Sarachek’s photography provides an escape into a beautiful place where all is good and right with the world,” says ArtsQuest Vice President of Visual Arts & Education Janice Lipzin. “Her seamless integration of the landscape and then positioning actual photographs into that landscape are at once gentle and extremely powerful. The juxtaposition works together to produce a feeling of calm and quiet on the surface, but with an undertone of intensity and sensuality as you delve deeper into the image.”

Janice Lipzon, Vice President Arts Quest